27th United Nations Climate Change Conference


Korra Energi is participating in the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP27)

Cairo, November 2, 2022 – Korra Energi, a leading company in the field of contracting and energy efficiency  for over 20 years, announced its participation in the 27th United Nations Climate Change Conference, which will take place in November of this year from 6th to 18th in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. Korra Energi is committed to actively contributing to addressing the challenges faced by society and supporting the state’s plans and strategies to reduce emissions and deal with the negative impacts of climate change.

The conference provides an opportunity to showcase the achievements and innovative solutions in the field of new and green energy offered by the company, as well as to exchange experiences and insights with experts from around the world. Korra Energi has expertise in new and green energy solutions.

Korra Energi’s participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conference includes an exhibition pavilion in the Industrial Union’s Green Zone, as well as the organization of two specialized discussion sessions in the field of energy and integrated solutions for green transformation. The first discussion session will take place on November 15th – Energy Day – under the title “Financing Green Energy Solutions,” while the second discussion session will be held on November 17th – Solutions Day – under the title “Korra Energi’s Sustainable Solutions for a Better Tomorrow – Opportunities and Challenges.”

Engineer Ayman Korra, Chairman of Korra Energi, expressed his happiness to participate in this historic summit and said, “I am proud that Egypt is hosting this important summit on behalf of Africa, where participating countries seek to agree on increasing the percentage of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide in line with reducing the rate of global temperature increase to less than 1.5 degrees Celsius.”

Korra added, “We take pride in being pioneers in the field of new and sustainable green energy solutions based on our firm belief in efficiency and sustainability. We were the first to introduce and implement new energy solutions. In recent years, we have succeeded in developing various integrated solutions for new and green energy that contribute to achieving highly positive environmental results. We have already implemented numerous major projects in Egypt that rely on these unique solutions.”

Chairman of Korra Energi’s Board of Directors continued, “We enter into global partnerships to ensure the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Our integrated and innovative solutions rely on improving energy efficiency for the entire system or utilizing wasted resources to generate new energy. We recycle wasted heat, flare gases, hydrogen, industrial waste, liquids, and more to produce new energy.”

It is worth mentioning that Korra Energi recently released the Sustainable Green Energy Guide, which includes several terms and definitions that everyone should know about clean green energy, which the world is currently discussing. The guide aims to increase awareness of the environmental challenges related to climate change and the urgent need for immediate collective action and solutions to protect and preserve the environment. It believes that we are living in an environmental reality that requires all efforts to maintain ecological balance and mitigate the negative phenomena that threaten human life on Earth and to save humanity from unprecedented environmental disasters. It is convinced that it is the task of humans to rebuild and develop the Earth while preserving sustainability. Korra Energi has been on a journey for over two decades focusing on innovative solutions for new green energy.