The Korra Energi Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in directing, governing and overseeing the company’s performance. Comprised of committed and knowledgeable members, the board ensures consistent long-term growth and business sustainability. With seven out of nine members being independent, our unwavering commitment to adhering to the highest standards of Corporate Governance remains steadfast. The Advisory Board provides the necessary strategic leadership required for continual improvement and enhanced competitiveness.

Our esteemed Board of Directors, consisting of independent parties and top management, is dedicated to providing the company with the most exceptional guidance and oversight.

Our team comprises of highly motivated and experienced individuals who have consistently delivered successful results. Their passion, resilience, and commitment have been pivotal in all of our accomplishments.Their vision and unwavering dedication serve as the impetus behind our continued success.

Advisory Board

Korra’s advisory board is composed of seven independent members out of nine, showcasing our
dedication to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance. Our board members are
highly experienced and renowned businesspeople who come from a variety of fields. With their
expertise, the board provides unbiased strategic leadership to facilitate continual improvement
and competitiveness.

The board provides strategic leadership to facilitate continual improvement and competitiveness,
while also monitoring performance and providing guidance to ensure transparency and fair

Company targets and goals are translated into policies, strategies, and procedures to establish
the foundation for proper corporate governance and sound risk management.

Korra expects its employees to uphold the highest levels of ethical behavior and integrity.
This is reflected in our code of ethical conduct,
which includes the following principles:

  • Building trust and credibility
  • Respecting the individual
  • Cultivating a culture of open and honest communication
  • Complying with laws, rules, and regulations
  • Promoting proper and fair competition
  • Respecting proprietary rights
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Respecting data privacy and confidentiality