Korra Energi is a leading Egyptian company with over 25 years of experience, that specializes in Energy Efficiency Solutions and Contracting Services.

“With a visionary commitment to ‘Growth and Prosperity,’ encapsulated in our motto إعمار الأرض, and with the support of over 3000 seasoned professionals, we’ve emerged as market leaders.

Our innovative approach drives pioneering projects in Sustainable Green Energy, Contracting, Industrial Trading, and Utilities, leaving a profound footprint.

We uniquely integrate diverse business units to create unparalleled synergy in the energy sector.

Our holistic approach blends green energy, contracting, and industrial trading, driving innovation and efficiency.

As the only company offering such a comprehensive mix, we ensure our clients receive tailored, state-of-the-art solutions for a sustainable future. Experience the distinct advantage of Korra Energi, where variety and unity lead to superior energy solutions .

We embrace the ‘win-win’ philosophy, fostering long-lasting partnerships that have endured for over 25 years.

This approach underscores mutual growth and success, reflecting in enduring alliances built on trust and shared goals.

Our partners are testament to this enduring bond, thriving together through collaborative progress. Discover the depth of our relationships and the stories behind them.

At Korra, we see a powerful collective, driven by unique talents and united by shared values. We work together, fostering people-focused growth, empowering everyone to unlock their potential knowing that our individual journeys weave together to create great achievements. Together we make a difference.