Cairo, April 23, 2024 – Korra Energi, a leading company in contracting, energy efficiency, Industrial trading, and utilities, proudly announced its participation as a gold sponsor in the fifth edition of the Egyptian Facilities Management Forum (EFMF). The EFMF is the largest event in the field of Facilities Management, will take place on April 23-24 at the Kempinski Hotel in New Cairo. Following the success of the previous edition, which brought together major companies in assets and facilities management.

Korra Energi’s Asset Management division has recently obtained the ISO 41001 and ISO 55001 certificates for facilities and assets management standards, respectively. These certifications represent the highest international standards in quality and sustainability. The ISO 41001 certificate, launched in 2018, establishes a global standard for the facilities management system. The acquisition of this certificate signifies Korra Energi’s commitment to maintaining facilities according to the highest international standards, ensuring quality and sustainability.

The ISO 55001 certificate, introduced in 2014, serves as a global certification for asset management systems. Acquiring this certificate signifies that any company, institution, or factory possesses a comprehensive global management system, ensuring the meticulous handling of their assets in accordance with the most elevated international standards. This certification guarantees the implementation of optimal practices for the entire life cycle management of assets, encompassing risk reduction associated with asset ownership, enhancement of quality assurance, and fulfillment of system requirements. It attests to the internationally acknowledged excellence in asset management.

This accreditation is the culmination of numerous evaluations conducted on Korra Energi, assessing their steadfast commitment to minimizing the operational expenses associated with assets and facilities. Furthermore, it acknowledges the active participation of all administrative personnel in formulating vital plans and strategies for effective facility management. The accreditation also entails a comprehensive examination and evaluation of risks pertaining to the organization from various angles, as well as identifying areas for improvement to enhance the organization’s overall management performance.

Expressing his satisfaction, Engineer Ahmed Afifi, the Executive Director of the Facilities Management Sector at Korra Energi Company, stated, “I am delighted with our accomplishments, as they underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering the utmost international standards in customer service. Throughout the years, we have dedicated ourselves to this industry, diligently working to achieve excellence. We firmly believe in the importance of continuous development and the provision of services that adhere to the highest global benchmarks for asset and facility management. This belief has enabled us to obtain the ISO 41001 and ISO 55001 certificates, solidifying our leadership position in the Egyptian market.”


Korra Energi’s longstanding leadership is firmly rooted in its exceptional workforce, comprising experienced and highly competent professionals who are dedicated to growth and success. This team consists of skilled technical personnel who strictly adhere to the highest international standards for quality, risk management, and sustainability frameworks. 


Korra Energi’s commitment to continuous development and staying abreast of the latest scientific advancements and international methodologies in facilities management is evident through their utilization of the Computerized Administrative Maintenance System (CAFM). This cutting-edge system enables efficient management of facilities, ensuring top-notch quality and aiding facility leaders in optimizing their building’s operations. Moreover, it facilitates space utilization and cost reduction while enhancing communication and time management.



In the same context, Engineer Ayman Korra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Korra Energi Company, stated, “I am delighted with the accomplishments of the Korra Energi Asset and Facilities Management team and their successful attainment of the ISO 41001 and ISO 55001 certificates. This achievement holds significant importance as it demonstrates the team’s commendable growth and the enhancement of their capabilities, affirming our leadership position in the Egyptian market. It serves as a compelling testament to the efficiency of our dedicated workforce and their exceptional ability to deliver unparalleled integrated services in accordance with the most rigorous international standards of quality and sustainability. At Korra Energi, we foster a culture of continuous development, firmly believing that there are no bounds to progress and advancement.”


It is important to highlight that this certificate serves as a validation of Korra Energi Company’s capacity to guarantee effective performance, exemplary leadership, robust governance, meticulous planning, risk management, and exceptionally efficient operations. This achievement is a testament to their expertise in optimizing people, locations, operational processes, as well as leveraging advanced systems and cutting-edge technologies.