About Company

Korra Energi is highly specialized in providing integrated, customized, innovative and value adding engineering solutions, both in Egypt and the region.

We have over fifteen years of experience in the fields of;

  1. Electromechanical Contracting
  2. Energy solutions
  3. Trading

At Korra Energi,  a team of more than 530 qualified and experienced engineers & technicians offer our clients a ‘one-stop-shop’ service, for all commercial and energy requirements, in which we provide hands on assistance throughout the project phases.

We start from assessing the energy demands, providing the techno-economic studies, to executing the solution on turnkey basis and offering our operation and maintenance services. We, also offer the option of managing the utility at large.

In some projects, we take the role of being the energy service provider, where we invest in the project, and sell the energy required to the end user, in the form of thermal or electrical energy.

We reshape our business models to offer the most suitable solutions to our clients that will help in their business growth and profit increase. We offer our customers various and flexible “Project Finance” models, which greatly optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of any project.

We are authorized, by the “Egyptian Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy – Egyptian Electric Utility & Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency”, to build and own, centralized power plants and distribution stations, as an ‘Independent Power Producer, which gives us the capability to provide our services on a “BOO & BOOT” basis.Moreover, for our EPC Capabilities, we are licensed as ‘First Class Contractors’ at the “Egyptian Federation for Construction & Building Contractors”

At Korra Energi, we are constantly seeking to join forces with leading global manufacturers, in order to offer our clients the best quality products and the most reliable systems. We are committed to our long term successful relationships with our   partners;

  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries:

We are the distributor for High Speed, Medium speed diesel, HFO & gas engines overseas

  • EBARA Refrigeration Systems:

We are the distributor for Absorption chillers and cooling towers

  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries:

We are the distributor of gas turbine generators

We have the conviction that in order to sustain our uniqueness and differentiation, we must be able to recognize the complexities and particularities of our customers’ needs and provide them with the versatility in mobilizing our various resources and diversified portfolio, to help them achieve their best business value.