Expanding our Portfolio with Ebara-Shinwa’s Cooling Towers

In just a year we have managed to add to our track record several Ebara-shinwa cooling tower’s installations in pivotal projects.

Adding a bit about EBARA - SHINWA Cooling Towers, they offer Low Noise Cross Flow (FRP, Galvanized & Stainless Steel) – CTI & CE Certified - Cooling towers ranging from 100 m3/hr till 1000 m3/hr per single module

Shinwa Corp. was developed in 1952, three years later Ebara- Shinwa Developed the first cross flow cooling tower in Japan. In 2010 they have designed a water saving type cooling tower

Ebara-shinwa Cooling towers are advantaged with cross flow structure, high quality filling materials, unique water distribution system, reasonable module combination and reliable control system


Factory Certifications