Innovative Energy Solutions: Generating Electricity From Flare Gas

Korra Energi’s strategic role in the energy sector in Egypt and the Middle East and its anchored position as a pioneer in delivering non-conventional solutions for the production of energy from waste continuous to date with ongoing new innovative solutions

Korra Energi’s advanced solutions started back in 2007, with the achievement of Waste-to-Energy Plant at the industrial complex of Eastern Company in 6th of October City with a capacity of 1 Ton/hr industrial wastes producing 2000 USRT chiller water and the establishment of co-generation power plant for the same project with a capacity of 23 MWe + 5180 USRT

This year Korra Energi comes back with a new inventive solution to the Egyptian market where for the first time in Egypt electricity will be generated from the Flare Gas recovery and will be applied in ESHPETCO oil field in Hurgada City. This new solution that is also environmentally friendly have received great attention from operating oil companies in Egypt as well as the government and media

Several newspapers have covered the launch of the event, below are links to those articles