Work Partners

To provide our customers with best quality products and most reliable systems we, at Korra Energi, have joined forces with leading global manufacturers. Proud of our enduring successful relationships, we are totally committed to our partners in success. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries: We are the distributor for High Speed, Medium speed diesel, HFO & gas engines overseas Korra Energi is the number one distributor for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in the region for year 2019/2020 Ebara Refrigeration Systems: We are the distributor for Absorption chillers and screw chillers overseas Korra Energi for years was ranked the world First distributor for Hitachi chillers outside of Japan Turboden: we are the representatives of Turboden ORC technology that utilizes waste energy of turbine exhaust gases to generate electricity using ORC technology in the Oil & Gas sector RC IT Cooling - a brand belonging to Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems: an Italian HVAC and HPAC manufacturer with more than 50-years’ of experience Yanmar: Yanmar’s refrigeration and air conditioning solutions are based on the unique Yanmar gas engine technology We cherish our partnerships, aiming always on growing and expanding together as they are our partners in success while sustaining the mutual benefit to both parties