About Company

Korra Energi, Integrated Energy Solutions, Energy Solutions , Chillers in Cairo, HVAC in Egypt

We, at Korra Energi, are always keen to cascade and imbed our distinct culture, values and management philosophy into our employees’ behaviors and actions.

From our key principles in management is empowerment and delegation. We grant our employees with authority and responsibility making them accountable for their decision making. The idea of letting them act on their own authority makes everyone self-determinant and allows them to bring the best in them to perform the jog brilliantly.

This modern managerial approach has ensured that the diversity provided by our employees has led to growth and prosperity. In addition to encouraging employees to learn and develop the skill and knowledge to overcome work obstacles. With this approach employees quickly gain the experience where otherwise would have taken them years to acquire.

Another key approach is providing an atmosphere for innovation and creativity. In accordance with our value ‘Innovation”, we, at Korra Energi, are capable of coming-up with unique energy solutions and ideas that are customized and value adding to our clients. We recognize the complexities and particularity of our customers’ needs, and provide them with the versatility in mobilizing our various resources and diversified portfolio, to help them achieve their best business value. 

Working with the best in the field is another important policy. Partnering with top leading manufacturers and service providers is our aim to sustain our quality and service in the market. Our insistence on being selective in our choice of partners, clients and employees, based on our common business cultural values, has ensured the success and sustainability of our business.

As a people-centric company that promotes teamwork & development, ‘people focused’ is another key value in the company. It is our firm conviction that our most valuable asset is, our people. Consequently, we invest in our employees, empower them and insist on practicing a culture that promotes sense of ownership, encourages and rewards innovation, and maintains competitiveness and growth. We pride in having young managers who have proven to be in such positions.

Integrity is another vital component in our mix, integrity is imbedded in everything we do and our word is our bond.