Product Lines

From Mitsubishi Heavy Industries



MGS Series - Light Fuel Oil

KU Series - Natural Gas, Light Fuel Oil & Heavy Fuel Oil

MEGANINJA - Natural Gas & Biogas

SU Series

From Ebara Refrigeration Systems


Absorption Chillers

Steam Fired - Exhaust Fired - Direct Fired - Hot Water - Hybrid Generations

Cooling Towers

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From Kawasaki


Gas Turbines

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From Turboden



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From First Solar


Thin Films Panel

Our company offers our clients comprehensive solar energy solutions, tailored to suit their particular energy and business needs. We have a wide range of configurable products that form the base of our solutions, and those can be arranged to best serve our different types of clients to meet their specific requirements. Working closely with our clients, we reshape our business models to offer the most suitable solutions, that will help in their business growth and generate profit increase. 

Korra Energi has invested in the establishment of a structure of in-house team of highly skilled experts, of high caliber, experienced in providing all round services. Those services include engineering, project execution, startup and commissioning, as well as operation and maintenance. This allows our company to provide PV projects on complete turnkey basis.  

Our company is also one of the very few, that is certified by the National Renewable Energy Authority [NREA] to implement PV solar energy projects on the local market. Furthermore, we are also authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy – Egyptian Electric Utility & Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EEUCPRA), to generate and distribute electricity anywhere in Egypt, which gives us the capability of providing our solutions on a BOO & BOOT basis.

We are the authorized technology associate of First Solar, the global leading company in the field of thin film modules, in Egypt. Our capabilities, combined with their support and expertise allows us to provide all types of solar solutions whether Ground Mounted, On-Grid, Off Grid, Hybrid, or even of roof top nature.

Our capabilities and partnerships, allow us to offer you a reliable, comprehensive solar energy solution, capable of diversifying your energy portfolio, resulting in added benefits to your business.

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