Energy Solutions

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After fifteen long years of experience, leading the field of providing integrated, sustainable, innovative Energy Solutions, within the MENA region, we at Korra Energi pride ourselves on being pioneers in the field of Energy and Energy efficiency related solutions. Whether the solutions are conventional, unconventional or renewable, and whether they target small, medium, or medium-to-large power systems, they are customized to suit our clients’ Electrical and/or Thermal energy requirements.

Building on our firm conviction of efficiency and sustainability, we at Korra Energi have established a reliable record over the years, with our customers from the various business sectors, [Industrial – Oil & Gas – Commercial / Retail – Utility / Infrastructure]. We have succeeded in introducing the ‘High-End’ Eco-Friendly Energy Systems’ to the local market. This success could not have been achieved without relying on our engineering capabilities & effective practice in the following applications:

  • Power Plants & Multi-Utility Plants
  • Waste Heat & Recovery (WHR)
  • Combined Heat & Power (CHP)   
  • Waste-to-Energy (WtE)
  • Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) - Early Production & Gas Processing Facilities (EPF & GPF)
  • Solar Energy (PV & CSP)

Korra Energi has forged enduring partnerships with our customers, by offering them packages of added value, and a strong and reliable pre-sales and long term aftersales support. This policy results in a win-win situation for all parties.

Integral services are at the base of our policies, which is why we offer ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Energy Services that include:

  • Energy demands survey, either for an existing facility or for a new-developed
  • Engineering
  • Design & develop complete techno-economical lifecycle studies
  • Project’s execution & construction management (EPC – Turnkey basis)
  • Plan & optimize the Energy management / Operation Scheme
  • Long term aftersales service contracts (Operation & Maintenance)

Moreover, our customers have access to our different and flexible “Project Finance” models, which greatly optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of any project. The finance plans are tailored to each case-study, [BOO-BOT-EPC+F].

Korra Energi is authorized by the “Egyptian Ministry of Electricity & Renewable Energy – Egyptian Electric Utility & Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency” to construct, and own Centralized Power Plants and Distribution Stations. This makes us an ‘Independent Power Producer – IPP, allowing us to generate and/or distribute and sell electricity, directly to consumers.