Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions, Thermal Power Systems, Electrical Power Generation, WHR Solutions

We offer Small, Medium, Medium-to-Large Electrical & Thermal Power Systems (1 MW ~ 200 MW), to serve the different types of Energy requirements, [Electricity – Steam – Hot Water – Chilled Water – Drying Air –and others] employing the optimum utilization of available resources (Natural Gas – Diesel – Heavy Fuel – Coal – Solar), as well as the Highest Recovery Efficiency of any wasted resource (Solid / Liquid Wastes – Exhaust Gas – Flare Gas – …etc);

Power Plants & Multi-Utility Plants

Continuous Heavy-Duty Conventional Power Plants (Reciprocating Engines – Gas Turbine – Steam Turbine) based, fueled by any type of fossil fuel (Natural Gas – Diesel – Heavy Fuel – Coal), either in Island Operation or Grid Parallel.

Waste Heat & Recovery (WHR)

Based on careful engineering study of the available waste heat at the industrial facility (Flow – Temperature – Chemical Composition); we calculate the energy recovery rate in the needed form as per the customer’s demand: (Electrical Power Generation, like: Cement, Steel & Glass Industries) or (Thermal Power, in a form of Steam – Hot Water – Chilled Water) or Utilization of the waste heat back to the same industrial process (Pre-heating or Cooling), and accordingly develop the overall system design.

One of the remarkable WHR Solutions we provide is “Turbine Inlet Air Cooling – TIAC” through recovering the waste heat of the operating Gas Turbine (Simple or Combined Cycle Operation mode) to generate Chilled Water for its Intake Air Cooling via the High-End Technology of “Absorption Chillers” which Korra Energi has a wide experience in, for more than 15 years within the region.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

Korra Energi, having vast experience in the fields of Thermal & Electrical power systems, is able to provide integrated systems, that combine the Electrical Power Generators with Waste Heat Recovery Systems, to Co-generate or Tri-generate Electrical & Thermal Power from the same fuel source.

We provide all types of Co-generation & Tri-generation systems for different (Industrial – Oil & Gas – Commercial / Retail – Utility / Infrastructure) applications, like: (District Cooling and/or Centralized Multi-Utility Energy Center for Compounds – Hotels – Malls & Retail Centers), (Multi-Utility Power Plant for Industrial Facilities or Complex), (Power & Seawater Desalination for Infrastructure Projects in Hotels or Coastal Cities) … etc.

Waste-to-Energy (WtE)

Our WtE systems, are considered one of the optimum sustainable solutions inasmuch as it contributes to the Effective Waste Utilization for Electrical and/or Thermal Power Generation, for Industrial, Agricultural and Large-Scale Residential / Commercial applications.

Acting on the types and volume of waste available, Korra Energi provides integrated WtE solutions, utilizing either the “Waste Incineration with Waste Heat Recovery” system, or “Waste Fermentation / Digestion / Gasification” system, which in turn reflect on the system’s Tschno-Economical Viability and Feasibility.

Flare Gas Recovery (FGR) - Early Production & Gas Processing Facilities (EPF & GPF)

Korra Energi provides Turnkey solutions based on “Low-Temperature Separation LTS” technologies for Flare Gas recovery as well as different types of Gas Processing, for Effective Condensate & Gas Recovery (NGL – LPG – LNG – CNG) and/or Electrical Power Generation.

We mainly target the “Oil & Gas” industry (mainly for Upstream applications, and sometimes for downstream and Petrochemicals / Refineries), for these types of Energy Solutions.

Solar Energy (PV & CSP)

Relying on our vast experience in the Absorption Chillers business, we specialize in providing “Solar Cooling & Heating” systems.

Korra Energi also provides Solar Energy Systems for Electrical Power Generation based on both (Photo-voltaic, PV) and (Concentrated Solar Power, CSP) technologies according to the Power Plant Scale and Location.