Message from the chairman

Acting on our insight regarding the growing Energy needs, nationally and globally, we, at Korra Energi embarked on our singular venture to meet the challenges, flexibility and diversification required to achieve this target and to serve it best.

We are constantly aiming on expanding our scope of activities, partnering with leading global manufacturers and technology providers. We have also reshaped our business models with the aim of presenting our clients with the most suitable integrated solutions and services, that will help them achieve success and profit increase.

Our successful accomplishments and our proven track record have anchored our company’s position as the reliable partner that benefits from both the local market insight and the international advanced way of doing business.

Maintaining high standards of quality and a firm commitment to our values is embraced by our staff and employees and reflected in everything we do. We are presently in the process of expanding our activities in the region, and perfecting our strategy to qualify for the region’s top choice for quality service and reliable energy solutions.

The success and consistent progress of Korra Energi began as a personal dream, which soon became the dream of all our people. The foundations of our success and our most valuable asset, is our workforce, who, in their dedication, experience and collaboration, channel their efforts towards creating and adding value to our achievements.

I am confident, that with the knowledge, competitiveness and expertise of our teams, together with our commitments to our values and our focus on the growing opportunities that lie ahead, we will pave the way to a successful future and deliver profitable returns to our stakeholders, employees, partners and clients.